Littlebig welcomes Fis to the fold

Fis - Atonal - 2014 grab

New Zealand born, Berlin-based, Oliver Peryman a.k.a. Fis, was ushered on to the global stage by Tri Angle Records in 2013 with two outstanding EPs hot on the heels of his 2012 Samurai Horo debut.

London’s Loopy have released his debut LP “The Blue Quicksand is Going Now” this past May to critical acclaim. Of the album, The Wire had to say:

… it’s exultant. As before, the crudest of percussive motions hobble forward underneath it all, bits of driftwood clacking in the mistral, like the furthest extremes of that heavily compressed hip-slop style from the likes of Brainfeeder. Here, the roof is ripped off and above are the deepest skies. Sonic glimmers with long tails duck and weave through the haze as Fis fuses claustrophobia and vertigo into the same sensation. Groundless sounds, neither up or down.

Peryman commanded the main stage at Berlin Atonal in both 2014 and 2015 with masterful A/V shows, and he was most recently a stand out surprise guest at Unsound last month. There’s no lack of love for his live shows as evinced by these reviews in The Guardian, The Quietus, and Electronic Beats.

Fis is set to take on 2016 with an exciting new EP and brand new collaborative performance, details both TBA very soon! Now booking live and DJ sets: brandon [at]