Laurel Halo on the Wire + new xlr8r mix!



For an in depth interview with Laurel Halo pick up this month issue of the Wire. She talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about Techno utopias, digital identity and making electronic music in the surveillance age.

Laurel also just dropped an ne mix for xlr8r here:


01 Rahsaan Roland Kirk “Something for Trane That Trane Could Have Said (Edit)” (Atlantic)
02 Escola de Samba da Cicade “Improvisos na Batucada” (Philips)
03 Madteo “Pram Reset” (Morphine)
04 TCB “Unchained (KM/MM Mix)” (Die Orakel)
05 Subsaharan Spaceways “Shout (Two For Marion)”
06 Population One “B2 (from A Simpler Form)” (Reduction)
07 Matrix “Isthmus #Fast” (Chain Reaction)
08 Jam City “Water Edit”
09 Boo Williams “Mistical Journey” (Chiwax)
10 Ken Nordine “Flesh” (Philips)
11 Blk_out “Sergecutty”
12 Mass Prod & Herva “Mike vs Speak & Overdub As a Weapon Against Modern Laptop Wanking” (Kontra Musik)
13 Smith N Hack “No Gimmicks, No Flash” (Smith N Hack)
14 Sleeparchive “7” (Tresor)
15 Laurel Halo “NOYFB (Acapella)” (Hyperdub)
16 Charles Manier “Octopus” (Nation)
17 Vester Koza “Maslo 03B” (Maslo)
18 Dalglish “Donsfe” (PAN)
19 NSNT PRJCT “We Invented Dis” (Wild Oats)
20 Ken Ishii “Stretch (Regenerated)” (R&S)
21 Ter(r)a “Underwater Vessel (OH/FFU Edit)”
22 Dresvn “A2 (from Acido 014)” (Acido)
23 Claude Young presents Golem Craft “B2 (from the Of Ages EP)” (Fracture)
24 Factory Floor “Turn It Up (Laurel Halo Remix)” (DFA)