Lakker’s “Struggle & Emerge” out now on R&S – documentary + interactive read


On May 13 R&S released Lakker’s “Struggle & Emerge”, a maxi-EP commissioned by the Netherlands Institute of Sound & Vision’s RE:VIVE archival remixing project, about the “complex relationship between the Dutch and the water that surrounds them – unyielding, colossal, industrial.”

Alongside the EP RE:VIVE has produced a short documentary (below) and interactive long-read (here) to dig into the fascinating research and development process, including historical site visits and expert consultations, involved in composing the music and accompanying A/V show from the archival material. Additionally you can read their insightful interview with The Ransom Note and hear their abstract mix for Self-Titled.

“Struggle & Emerge” A/V debuted at Rewire festival in The Hague on April 2. Resident Advisor beamed:

The result was a complex and circuitous route through sunny, bass-heavy dancehall into harsher more abstract noise and techno. But as ever with Lakker, melodies prevailed, made, in this case, from noise. It was another masterful live performance from the duo.

Pop Matters said of the subsequent A/V performance for Denovali Festival at St.John’s in London:

The set is virtually flawless: heads follow the beat, eyes stuck on the source, queues dissolve between ambient segments and techno variations, and silence anticipates the audience’s final roar. Energy and ecstasy.

You can stream and purchase the full EP here.

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