Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith pays tribute to ’70s musician Bobby Brown

Adding on to their already-busy fall release schedule, the folks at RVNG Intl. have announced The Enlightening Beam of Bobby Brown. A one-man new age orchestra (and not an R&B singer…), Bobby Brown self-released the storied The Enlightening Beam of Axonda in 1972, briefly flirted with greater success, put out some more music, fell into obscurity, and—as the story goes these days—was rediscovered by skilled crate diggers. Not long ago, RVNG’s Matt Werth met with Brown at the Berkeley Art Museum, which coincided with Bay Area producers Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Austin Cesear crafting sonic interpretations of Brown’s deceptively complex work. Smith’s contribution starts droning and chiming, sifting through its own sonic surroundings, making subtle use of numerous textures as Brown often does. Halfway through she introduces brisk, gurgling arpeggios, like Riley underwater, that suggest she’d make a good double bill with Bitchin Bajas.

The Enlightening Beam of Bobby Brown is out now on RVNG Intl. as a cassette-and-zine collection.


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