Jimmy Edgar returns with new EP on Ultramajic

Taken from the Dreamz Come True Ep, released on Ultramajic June 24th 2016

After a string of dance floor singles since 2012 including “Let Me Tell You” and “Strike”, Jimmy Edgar is back with fresh sound that is to become his signature for Ultramajic.

Over the period of two years, Jimmy has been building this new sound. Where rhythm was the primary in his dance music, he has flipped focus and intensely studied melody, chords and music theory. “Dreamz Come True” is the beginning of a new path; one that continues trajectory from his quintessential releases on Warp Records, over 10 years ago.

Opening track “4Fourth Dimension” – brings you into the #dreamzzzcometrue world, inspired by “astral choreography” and an array of house music through the lens of R&B. The title track features vocalist Rochelle Jordan, and together they create a modern take on the “song” that sways back and forth between vibes. “iPhone” ties them together with aggressive african rhythm and bounce that end in a room full of terrifying screams that unite everyone in fear. “Hydrant” melts off the release with Jimmy’s low tempo equation that reminds you of artificial intelligence creating quiet storm.