J.G. Biberkopf releases ep on Knives


J. G. Biberkopf’s work spans club, theatre and digital radio contexts. The tracks here float between cyberambience and slamming rhythmic constructions; distant trails of web-filtered grime, and beatless studies of net phenomenology. His collage compositions are intended as a field trip into the represenations of nature that emerge from the digital-social media scape. He says of the project’s inception, that he was intrigued by an oddly “naive idea of nature that seemed strikingly prevalent in my social environment.. I was curious to know how these simulations of Nature work in digital media, how do we do experience these simulated materials”. J.G. Biberkopf appears as part of an newly emergent wave of intensely thoughtful, rhythmically physical, net-aware young artists, such as v1984 and Sentinl.

Exploring similar themes to Biberkopf within his practice is Australian visual artist Joe Hamilton, who also employs technology and found material in order to create complex and intricate environments – both offer an experience which is oddly romantic; stripped of it’s tangibility, yet provided with a synthetic vitality. Hamilton’s multimedia project, ‘Hyper Geography’ (2011), is cited by Biberkopf as a key influence in the development of ‘Ecologies’. These work analogously in investigating evolving relationships with our immediate, often juxtaposed, environments and the concept of nature within an age of an increasing, network based interdependence. Here, Hamilton provides visual reference to ‘Ecologies’ with a new work for the record sleeve.