Fis’ “From Patterns To Detail” LP out now on Subtext + full stream

Fis pic by Darren White

New Zealand bred, Berlin-based post-bass music visionary Fis has released his game-changing sophomore LP From Patterns To Details on Subtext Recordings on September 23. FACT’s John Twells digs in deep in this interview and album stream, charting the evolution of Oliver Peryman’s journey from forest soundsystem raves to the mighty, immersive dronescapes he is producing today and performing at acclaimed festivals including CTM, Unsound, Atonal, and Sonic Acts. Peryman also discusses his collaboration with tribal Maori musician Rob Thorne at this year’s CTM which will manifest in Spring 2017 and subsequent album(s). From Patterns To Details was inspired by Peryman’s passion for permaculture which evinced by this list of influences for Hypnotik and track by track breakdown with Wireless.NZ as well as being explored further in this otherworldly mix for NTSBoomkat has adeptly described the listening experience:

The album’s seven tracks course with a seemingly chaotic, naturally evolving vitality, using an unquantised palette of atomised sounds to model the processes by which nature makes the most efficient use of its surroundings, and its perennial cycle of growth and decay, in a way that we can comprehend beyond verbal communication. Operating on a scale of micro-to-macro pattern recognition, FIS integrates the spirits of rugged landscapes with its flora and fauna in a grittily fluid sort of horizontal gene transfer between personal and external systems … to put yourself thru the process of his album is enlightening in a way that defies words. 

The English poet Rick Holland, who has collaborated with Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, was so moved by Fis’ work that he wrote a poem for each of the tracks which can be read over at Sounds Of A Tired City. Also look out for an interview in this month’s Wire magazine as well! After recent performances including rural festival in Japan and Berghain, Fis will be presenting a new A/V show in Modena for NODE festival on Nov.11 followed by live sets for Bristol’s Submerge festival on Nov.19 and CS13’s Different Circles x Contort showcase at Corsica Studios in London on Nov.26.

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