FACT mix 444: Micachu

On June 18, Mica will be performing a live rendition of the Under the Skin soundtrack at London’s Southbank Centre, as part of James Lavelle’s Meltdown Festival. In preparation for that, she’s behind this week’s FACT mix – a 10-track suite of Micachu collaborations with UK rapper Brother May, who previously appeared on Mica’s Filthy Friends and Kwesachu mixtapes.

01. Ride It Out Drinking Harpo Dine
02. High Life
03. Rucksack of Bitches
04. R U Red E Me Do May May
05. She’s a Keeper
06. Boomboom
07. Are You With Me (Don’t Hit Your Girlfriend)
08. On my Own
09. Ned Flanders
10. Gully (Lay on your Back)