Eskmo returns with new album ‘Sol’, and lead single ‘Mind of War’

Expanding his extensive discography, Brendan Angelides returns from his hiatus to deliver a new full length album entitled ‘Sol’, on the ever reliable R&S offshoot ‘Apollo Records’. Inspired by our life giving planetary body, “SOL” is a masterful meditation on human emotional plane as effected by planetary bodies. Angelides has delivered perhaps his strongest musical statement yet, with an epic grandeur bearing the traces of Angelides’ recent work composing orchestral pieces for live performance with the LA based Echo Society.

From the moody cinematic opening of SpVce and exhalting synth melodies of ”Combustion”, to the touching delicacy of the watery ballad Blue And Grey to ”Mind Of Wars tromping existential digi-funk, the heartbreaking piano paen of Tamara, to the snarling drone saturation of the title track, to the beaming, epic euphoria of The Sun Is A Drum its clear that this is a record that is a truly cinematic experience.

Listen to ‘Mind of War’ below.