Eomac’s epic “Temple of The Jaguar” video + 10″ inaugurates Eotrax label


2016 has been an incredibly active year for Dublin techno reinventor Eomac a.k.a. Ian McDonnell. Following Lakker’s ‘Struggle & Emerge’ LP in Summer on R&S and his lauded ‘Bedouin Trax’ triple album + accompanying 1o” “Observe The Vessel Beneath You” this Autumn for Bedouin Records, he debuted ‘Bedouin Trax’ live A/V at Unsound in Krakow and has now launched his own label with an extended belter of a 10″, “Temple of the Jaguar”, and video premiered by The Fader. After a visit to Teotihuacan, Mexico, McDonnell was inspired to tap into his primal nature and the video elegantly illustrates that transformation through movement, exposing the animals within the dancers.