Eomac ‘Reconnect’ LP out April 27 + ‘Resist All Dogma’ EP March 9


“Drawing influence from traditional Irish music, Haitian voodoo drumming, the raw old-school jungle of Source Direct and the abstract, rhythms of Autechre”, Eomac returns with his third studio album, and first for his own label, Eotrax, with ‘Reconnect’ on April 27 as announced by RA.

‘Reconnect’ is a visceral statement, utterly contemporary and technological while simultaneously elemental and primal, incorporating Eomac a.k.a. Ian McDonnell’s own screams, as well as his bare body convulsing in trance as focus of the new AV show developed with Sal Stapleton who had directed his  “Temple of the Jaguar” video.

The LP will be preceded by the “Resist All Dogma” EP on Eotrax March 9 and followed this year by his ‘Bedouin Trax II’ LP for Bedouin.

Listen to lead single “Resist All Dogma” below. Full album stream and audio + video previews of the ‘Reconnect’ AV show available upon request.

NOW BOOKING: live club sets, ‘Reconnect’ live AV, and ‘Bedouin Trax’ live/DJ hybrid sets  brandon [at] lb-agency.net