Dopplereffekt ‘Athanatos’ EP out now on Leisure System + “Hayflick Limit” video


Dopplereffekt have followed up last year’s ‘Cellular Automata’ LP on Leisure System with an EP ‘Athanatos’, exploring the “genetic conditions and chromosomal influences defining mortality.”

Ray Philp, in his 4/5 RA review, highlighted the track “Mitosis”: for its driving beat—they’ve not made anything this urgent in a while—but the harmonies summon a special awe. Shifting in and out of richly dissonant phases, they suggest someone wrestling with a discovery they can barely comprehend. It could be the secret to immortality, or something even more disturbing.

Check out the video for “Hayflick Limit” dir. by Michael Tan. The track is a collaboration with Raster-Noton cofounders Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender.

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