Dark0 releases new ep on Rinse

The new EP finds the North-West London operator flaunting his talent for a killer melody as he brings the temperature way down across five tracks, a neat tangent to the tearjerking mode that instrumental grime has been dabbling in lately, but often without being grime at all – in short, it’s a Dark0 record that sounds more like Dark0 than it does any genre.

Coming after last year’s Sin and Fate EPs and a bundle of top drawer remixes, the release kicks off in a punchier mode on ‘Abrasion’ before sinking into those jewel-bright melodies Dark0 does so well (‘Fuschia’, with its r’n’b lead and deep bassline, is a particular highlight), and ending on the serene ‘The Past’, which you can hear below. There’s also a remix of ‘Abrasion’ from Software-signed producer Suicideyear.

The EP is out on June 15 via Rinse, and after that Dark0 plays Rinse at XOYO on June 26 with Evian Christ, Lotic and Visionist before jetting off to New York for a MOMA PS1 Warm-Up show on July 25.