Dark0 drops FACT mix


Darko takes you higher.

The Neasden-based producer has honed a sound which is high on melody and high on emotion in recent years, combining rap and grime drum palettes with the breathless rush you get from R&B, trance and Dark0’s beloved JRPG soundtracks (look closely at last year’s Fate EP and there’s clear nods to Final Fantasy VIIChrono Cross and more.) As well as releasing his own material, he also played a key role in MC K9’s excellent Mad in the Cut mixtape, A&Ring the record and producing several of its standout tracks.

Dark0 describes his FACT mix as “a piece that tried to illustrate my mind; the way it constantly recreates the songs that stick, my inner monologue and thoughts. All these things that pass through my head. I thought it would be fun to present this like an internal radio station.” So don’t expect one BPM or seamless blends – this is a mix that’s happy to switch from one style to another with no warning, whether that’s a run of high-drama Dark0 productions, film samples, new material from associates like Mssingno, Evian Christ, K9 and Kamixlo, or a Filter Dread remix of ‘House Every Weekend’. It climaxes with a Dark0 remix of Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’, and let’s face it, if you’re not down with that then it’s not your time to glo.

FACT mix 520 – Dark0 (Oct ’15) by Fact on Mixcloud

Download here

Lorii – Milky
Dark0 – Cataclysm
MssingNo – Untitled (Jaegerbomb Edit)
–Uber Interlude x H dot Zims
Health – Salvia
K9 – Untitled (Prod. Evian Christ)
Dark0 – Shinigami
Filter Dread – Half Acid (House Every Skeddit)
Kamixlo – splxcity (Gasss Edit)
Dark0 – Wings
Dark0 – Tempest (RiRi Edit)
Dark0 – Fuschia (Uni Lad “I Want u 2 Glo” Edit)
MssingNo – Segway
Dark0 – Scintilla (2-0n Edit)
Visionist – Perfect
–My Kingdom
Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Dark0 Remix)
— Outro
Dark0 – Worth It