Clark releases Honey Badger / Pig 12″ on Warp Records

Out now on Warp Records, Clark’s new 12″, Honey Badger / Pig.

“The riff in this sounds bit a tropical to me. (you kidding m8?) From a rainy grey skyed uk perspective at least! Again it’s a simple hardware improv. I started messing with my friend Yamila’s vocals and crunching out these luscious Oberheim synth recordings I made. I wanted to write something that started out as a fluid, slightly muddy blur, muted euphoria, warm, then the landscape coarsens and distorts. I like that effect, from soft and sympathetic to quite brutal, angular patterns and more bling production. Just because I can produce now it doesn’t mean I don’t still love lo-fi grit :) They mutually enhance each other. The synth at the end is a counterpoint to that. It’s something I made of my wife Melanie singing on a skype call captured with a laptop mic. I’m quite chuffed with it. No presets allowed! It’s got a glow to it that reminds me of her.” – Chris Clark