Boiler Room Debuts – Danny Daze & Jagerverb “Brav”

Founded only last year and already six releases deep, Omnidisc now uncovers the mystery curator behind the label by releasing his latest EP – Danny Daze’s Miami. Danny emphasises that Omnidisc has always focused on the long game, choosing memorable music over the chart toppers. Having released music from the likes of Gunnar Haslam, Barker & Baumecker and Schmutz, and with upcoming releases by Legowelt, Tennis and more – Omnidisc is a platform for variety, while keeping a uniform sound.

The upcoming Miami EP sees Danny working with his friends (inc. Jagerverb and Kevin McPhee) as well as mastering the controls solo to provide five new tracks bouncing off the parameters of techno, electronic, house and funk. The penultimate track with Jagerverb, “Brav” works on pure hypnosis, as it orbits around itself for the 6min duration in cyclic synth rotation. One on regular repeat, easily.

Catch Miami dropping on 22nd February via Danny Daze’s Omnidisc label.