Aphex Twin releases new material via new online shop

First up is Orphans, a four-track EP with two AFX remixes credited to Richard D James’s longtime friend and collaborator Luke Vibert. The record that Warp slipped out during Field Day also gets a digital release with six extra bonus tracks. There are three demo versions of his landmark track “Windowlicker” in the cache, as well as a “dry version” of Philip Glass‘s take on “Icct Hedral.”

In addition, he’s tacked on bonus tracks to …I Care Because You Do, Analord 07, Donkey Rhubarb, Hangable Auto Bulb, Ventolin, Come To Daddy, Girl Boy, Drukqs, Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 and Syro, in addition to his sole album as Polygon Window, Surfing On Sine Waves, and his 1994 EP self-titled EP as GAK. His 2007 record as The Tuss, Rushup Edge, originally released on Rephlex, is also available digitally. James also notes that all Rephlex material will be uploaded “in due course” along with extras.

Head over to AFX’s Warp Records online shop for full details and downloads.