65daysofstatic unveils stunning new ‘Taipei’ video

65daysofstatic aren’t ones for shunning an experiment. When the opportunity knocked to make a video for ‘Taipei’, a track taken from 2013’s ‘Wild Light’, the band teamed up with director Ashley Dean of Broken Pixel to work on something truly monumental.

Within a prism – think The Cube minus Philip Shoefield and without tedious tasks – smoke and lights are made to bounce off into a maddening collision.

“Our goal was to create an environment where raw sound could be translated into vibrant imagery,” says the director.

“A lot of the process centred around experimental filming techniques and animated light. We built a scale model of Leitner’s Iconic Soundcube to house our ideas and constructed a tightly razored edit that considered each beat of the track.”

Inspirations range from “the photography of Gjon Mili and writings of Italo Calvino to specific works such as Rene Magritte’s Le Chateau de Pyrenees and Bernhard Leitner’s Soundcube.”

Words by Jamie Milton