65daysofstatic announce new single Taipei

The next single from the band’s critically acclaimed album Wild Light will be Taipei, a song first conceived in the city it’s named after. It’ll be released on 23rd March via Superball Records, coupled with the b-side ‘DroneNotDrones’.


65 wrote DroneNotDrones last year, shortly after finishing Wild Light. In the interim, it turns out that somebody took this idea and ran much further with it, which the band felt they ought to acknowledge. The idea, after all, is a bit more important than a sloganeering song title: dronenotdrones.com.

In the band’s words : “We don’t pretend to be in any way connected with this project, but it seems like something worth supporting to us. Drone is great; drones are murderous.”

The single will be available in digital format only, available here