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Vatican Shadow and The Haxan Cloak to rework Δkkord’s HTH020 EP

“We’re incredibly excited to announce that two of our favourite artists, The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow, have each dismantled and entirely reconfigured Akkord’s HTH020 EP. The results are breath-taking – powerful and utterly ferocious – and will be…

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Akkord drop new EP and exclusive mix for Solid Steel

One of the most illustrious mix series around, ‘Solid Steel’, recently invited Joe Mcbride and Liam Blackburn to contribute an exclusive mix in support of their latest EP on Houndstooth. Listen to the…


FACT Mix 421: Akkord

Joe McBride and Liam Blackburn’s collaborative project as Akkord has established itself as one of the UK’s primary bass music exports. Following their debut album for Houndstooth, they continue to showcase their surgical…


∆kkord – Debut album on Houndstooth – Full update

Since their highly sought after, anonymous white label debuts in 2012, Akkord have established themselves as one of the UK’s most intriguing club acts, circumnavigating the spectrum of bass culture and creating a…


RA372. Akkord

The identities of ∆kkord have now officially been revealed: Joe McBride and Liam Blackburn, AKA Synkro and Indigo. As two of Manchesters finest, their pairing makes perfect sense. Following the release of their hugely…


Akkord Live @ Boiler Room

‘Houndstooth’, the new artist-led record label from UK clubbing institution ‘Fabric’ have garnered much attention for their forward-thinking roster of bass centric UK artists. Ahead of their EP release at the end of…


Akkord on Electronic Explorations V:001

Rob Booth’s hub for electronic music ( has brought well over 200 podcasts from a wide breadth of electronic artists and organisations. Following the success of the recently released 50 track compilation via…


Akkord – Electronic Explorations Mix

Voted as one of the best mixes of 2012 by Resident Advisor, Akkord provided Rob Booth with an exclusive mix, very much in line with the collectives anonymity, being void of a tracklist….

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