Rachel Lyn

Rachel Lyn is a multidisciplinary artist of sonic excavations and empirical aurality. The Berlin-based producer, curator and selector constructs polysensory narratives of sound and story under the arcs of Rachel Lyn, Modular Gang, and 3Ddancer.

As Rachel Lyn: she unfolds stories of spoken word and sonic memory, within original productions that trace her experiences from a farm in the Australian countryside through the eclectic clubs of Berlin and beyond. Invoking into sound fragmented recollections from a youth coloured by VHS media, transposing internal diaries as outward extension, the artist induces a genre-escaping listening experience that amplifies the dense, colliding worlds that surround us. Her internationally acclaimed debut album ‘Oh Daydream’ (2020), released through Lyn’s own imprint My Own Imaginary World, is soon to be followed up by a second LP.

Extending the produced encounter into a live one: Lyn’s machinic affairs of ambient and noise are encoded into thematic, improvised performances, composed with modular sound and archival patchworks. Her live ambient shows continue to move audiences through audiovisual journeys and fictional worldbuilding, uniting the artist’s love for non-preset instrumentation with spatial experiences that beckon an introspective presence. Rachel Lyn has played shows in the frameworks of Modular Gang: Special Listening @ OHM (2022), Bau Mich Auf (2021), Halle am Berghain (2019), Nachtdigital (2019), and Volksbühne (2019), amongst many others.

In event series Modular Gang: her curatorial capacity is engaged and detailed, creating space for her own live sound and ideas to manifest and become represented. Founded and launched by Lyn in 2017, she invites artists to collaborate through events and workshop programming. The project’s experiments in deep listening and leftfield sound design plunge its attendees into site-specific experiences that weave sonic mysticisms with ethereal settings. At the invitation of Tresor for their 31 programme, the first ever ‘Special Listening’ (2022) by Modular Gang was convened in a multi-sensory collaboration with OHM. Evoking inspiration from Disney’s classic ‘Snow White’, Lyn curated and transformed the space with foraged forest installations by Fortuna Forest complete with Bark Mushrooms canvassing the intimate club’s walls. An ‘amplified ambient-thriller spectacular’, Lyn continues to extend on multisensory experiences across her practice.

As (one dimension of) 3Ddancer: the trio of artists—Volruptus, Alex the Fairy and Rachel Lyn—improvise tales of harder, chopping sounds with a playful ingenuity across live sets and productions. Their individual styles have been cast together in albums ‘new exciting toys’ (2022) and ‘great fucking success’ (2019), composed of sounds fractured, rhythmic and in constant shift. Born through Lyn’s own Modular Gang, the collective have performed live for Hard Trade @ Funkhaus (2021), CTM @ Saüle am Berghain (2020), Mutabor (2020), mjut (2021), and Herrensauna (2022). They will soon play at Kraftwerk as part of the Tresor’s 31 programme, as well as shows at Het Hem and Horst (2022).

Text: Ollie George