Nene H

Emerging from a primarily classical background, Turkish artist Nene H’s transition from skilled pianist to one of the most intriguing and experimental talents in underground techno continues at pace.

Alumnus of Creative Europe’s SHAPE platform for innovative music and art, Nene H’s approach to production and performance has so far been a psychedelic and assured journey, with Crack Magazine declaring her as “one of the most exciting new faces on Berlin’s ever-expanding experimental club circuit…”

Having debuted on Bedouin Records with the ‘Metacommunication’ EP, Nene H has since made her sound known on a selection of the most forward-thinking and distinctive imprints in contemporary dance music. She produced a razor-sharp statement of feminist techno alongside collaborator Kaltès on the ‘Protest’ EP, released via Eotrax, contributed to UK label Don’t Be Afraid, and most recently signed to SPFDJ’s imprint, Intrepid Skin, delivering its release in the form of ‘Feast’, four-tracks of hard-hitting body music that confidently blend the physical and the cerebral.

Alongside this release schedule, she has continued to evolve an uncompromising live set, a talking point at boundary-pushing electronic music festivals such as CTM, Todays Art and Atonal, now captured as a memorable Boiler Room performance.
Blending strains of techno, hardcore, EBM, ambient and an altogether wilfully experimental approach rooted in analogue drums and modular synthesis, a performance was portrayed live on Arte as one of the next-generation artists contributing to Red Bull Music Academy’s ’30 Years of Techno’ event at Berlin’s Funkhaus in 2018.

This particular blend of the avant-garde as seen from the perspectives of two different scenes lends Nene H’s music a personal edge, one able to bridge a new-wave of radical energy in alternative club spaces with a background and education she is free to embrace or subvert.
As a DJ, she has been known to push systems and form at some of the world’s finest clubs including Tresor, De School and Kaiku, as well as contributing charismatic and boundary-pushing recordings for mix series by the likes of Crack and Groove Magazine.

Mixmag highlighted one of these mixes as the best of 2018 – “a blistering black hole that’s like techno as reimagined by David Cronenberg”.With the intent to continue pushing sonic boundaries as well as celebrating the music of like-minded contemporaries, Nene H also currently maintains a residency on Rinse FM in France.