Mick Harris

Where to start with the dark sonic force known as Mick Harris? Original drummer of Napalm Death and inspiration to legions of producers and fans. His output and live performances span 4 decades of releases through solo projects, collaborations and pseudonyms, covering genres like grindcore (Napalm), savage industrial techno (MONRELLA), gritty drum & bass (QUOIT), and stone-cold isolationist soundscapes (LULL).

2017 saw his resurgence as FRET, with it’s rapidfire onslaught of techno-tempo breakage, premiered at Atonal and since then performed audiovisually with longtime collaborator Stormfield, and supported by labels like Karl Records, LIES and Combat Recordings.

Then of course there is SCORN, his longest running, primary artist identity and whose slower tempos, crushing bass pressure and dubbed-out metalwork herald him a true master of dark simplicity. “Cafe Mor” is his most recent release out on the Ohm Resistance label, including a hip hop collaboration with Jason of Seaford Mods.

Rather than being tied to genres or scenes, MICK HARRIS is one of those producers who creates a whole sonic world uniquely of his own, in which varying tracks, styles and tempos take form, but yet in which everything sounds unmistakably characteristic of him. Needless to say his work has influenced a multitude of producers like Surgeon, Regis, Ontal, Vatican Shadow / Prurient, Fausten, Shapednoise et al, and pretty much anyone in the world of powerfully dark, abrasive music you could name-drop. And yet after all this time, it is impressive that HARRIS still stands way above his successors and has never been surpassed in his own production/performance game.