Maenad Veyl

Milan-native Thomas Feriero first ventured into electronic music in 2011, after spending his teenage years listening to Slayer and thinking of ways to never work a single day of his life. Releasing as Avatism, CW/A and House ov Leaves on labels as varied as Nonplus, Decca, Vakant and R&S, the young Italian lent his own brand of muscular, delapitated techno and electronica to clubs like Berghain, Fabric, Concrete and festivals such as Sònar, Audioriver and EXIT. With performances in more than 100 different cities, features on Rolling Stone, i-d, Boiler Room and an LP on TRAX Magazine’s 2015 Albums of the Year feature under his belt, Thomas proved, if anything, that awkward and pompous biographies don’t always hinder an artist’s achievements.

At the beginning of 2018, after a small hiatus (or a premature mid-life crisis?), Feriero returned as Maenad Veyl and a laser-sight focus inspired by the sounds of his earliest influences — hardcore punk, jungle, metal and EBM — and a threatening live show to match.

The project’s debut, a split EP on Oliver Ho’s (Broken English Club) Death & Leisure with Years of Denial was praised by Peder Mannerfelt, Ron Morelli and Tzusing amongst others. Followed by ‘Somehow, Somewhere They Had Heard This Before’ on Pinkman’s Broken Dreams tape series and a reinterpretation of Japanese experimental techno mainstay Go Hiyama’s ‘I Am Goodbye’ album, he is currently at work on the project’s first full length, alongside more material on both Pinkman and his new label VEYL.

Thomas also runs Parachute, a label he co-owns with Francesco Leali (Clockwork, OPUS 3000) and Manfredi Romano (DJ Tennis) graced by the music of Dead Fader, Roly Porter and Napalm Death/Godflesh affiliate Justin Broadrick.