Kiki Hitomi

Kiki Hitomi is a Japanese singer, songwriter and sonic alchemist as one third of the bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune) with poet/singer Roger Robinson and producer Kevin Martin (aka The Bug), and was a founding member of the Japanese Dubstep noise punk duo Dokkebi Q. King Midas Sound on Ninjatune

After leaving London for Leipzig, she’s spent the last three years working on a solo project alongside Jahtari label boss Disrupt, resulting in her debut solo album Karma No Kusari (Chain Of Karma), a mind-altering journey through time and space, stopping by Japanese Enka and J-Pop, vintage electronics, 8-bits psychedelic and mutated deep fried dig dub. The LP unfolds piece by piece, with Kiki’s otherworldly tone of voice providing a ghostly atmosphere that is at times unsetting but always achingly beautiful. Album artwork was by Kiki Hitomi herself, making Karma No Kusari an indispensable joint for any true space cadet. Kiki Hitomi on Jahtari.