Freedom Engine

Mathew Jonson lives and works in Berlin. He has been experimenting with electronic music since 1986 and now presents a new album as ‘Freedom Engine’, released on Dekmantel in October 2019.

Worthwhile albums tend to be as much about the process of making them as they are about the end products themselves. One can almost hear formal, technical, even philosophical questions being asked and answered on them in order to arrive at something personally and politically new for the artist. “A Box Full of Magic,” at once sprawling, cosmic, and psychedelic in the best of ways, follows in this album-making tradition.

It is a record steeped in off kilter percussive time, live recording, occasionally summer cloud-paced tempos, and lush, emotional, melodic instrumentation. “A Sunrise On the Front,” the final track of the record (and a composition crushing in its beauty), encapsulates much of this: recorded live on a Rhodes, the melody gives voice to the paradoxical sense of hope even during the pathology of war. Such conceptual ambition fits perfectly well within the capacious vision of Mathew Jonson’s Freedom Engine, a project whose very name seems to explore and allow for the conceptual paradox and complexity of approaching freedom through the engine of technology.

LittleBig also represent Mathew’s “Mr & Mrs Jonson” and “Midnight Operator” projects, as well as his part in the collaborative performances with Frank Wiedemann, Dandy Jack, and Sebastian Mullaert’s “Circle of Live”