Dream Sequence

Do You Still Think About It? is Ned Beckett’s new release on Leisure System under the name Dream Sequence. Built for movement without sacrificing emotional intimacy, the EP is an honest presentation of Beckett’s current musical interests, in a tone and style that highlights his decades of experience on dancefloors as both inciter and observer.

Despite the creation in relative isolation, Do You Still Think About It? hums with the energy of bodies moving together in space. The EP kicks off with the fast four-to-the-floor of “Super Position,” with glowing chords that gaze in the direction of Detroit melodic techno and showcase Beckett’s ear for making the functional memorable. The title track is the most personal, evoking John Talabot and Caribou alike in a prism of jittery longing set next to a rubbery, plaintive vocal.

“Gary Rave” is another standout, bursting through like sunshine cracking open a fog-filled morning. The piano and vocal samples are referential but still fresh, an unabashed throwback that sees Beckett throwing his arms wide around rave energy. It’s an empathogen in audio form and is one track you’re almost certain to hear and feel a shivery chill of excitement sweeping through the crowd.