DAIYAH, founder of RNR (Rumble N the Ramble) is a dynamic force in the New York techno scene and beyond. Her sets, often described as unexpected, unhinged, and wild, draw inspiration from the harder industrial sounds while blending that with the unbridled genre, experimental. DAIYAH has brought her heavy and fresh sound across multiple cities in North America and Europe. Her party, RNR since its inception has hosted some highly coveted talent and is known for its stellar lineups that provide a consistent vibe all night long.

Growing up, DAIYAH was classically trained in vocal performance for over a decade and always had a huge appreciation for virtually any genre of music. She grew up listening to everything from west coast rap to soul and R&B, to jazz, metal, and indie… As a DJ, her roots started in house music in 2017 when she achieved two residencies in New York City playing as a duo. In 2019, DAIYAH went solo and took with her an unwavering and growing passion for techno music. Having played all the major parties and venues in New York, while also breaking ground across the US, and going back and forth to Europe in between, she is known in the community for her captivating sets that roar out to the audience immersing them in space where chaos of the best kind can thrive.

DAIYAH has a knack for creating stories that generate seamless impact and facilitate an unparalleled atmosphere. Through her meticulously curated selections, she illustrates a dedication to her craft. Her goal is to search through the most sensual and deepest bowels of the sound to make a space that immerses you in the moment. Whether it’s one of her multifaceted sets or her multi-sensory events, you’re in for a journey where sound is celebrated in a way that encourages freedom of expression. DAIYAH is a kindred spirit to the underground and thrives on feeding off the intimacy created with her crowds.