• Nozinja announces autumn live dates

    Off the back of his packed out Summer touring stint, Nozinja can now announce a run of Autumn dates including a headline slot at The Laundry, London. The euphoric live show features rave-channeling cuts from the new album and turbo-charged dance routines by his trio of Shangaan dancers, impossible not to move to.

    Nozinja is the South African artist famous for creating the revolutionary dance movement dubbed ‘Shangaan Electro’. A 21st century reboot of local folk tradition, Tsonga disco, kwaito and South African house, Nozinja has transcended these reference points to dream up an innovative and iconic Afro-futurist strain of electronic dance music.

    07/10 BERLIN, YAAM

    “We should treasure these rare outliers wherever we find them”Pitchfork
    “A beguiling, uplifting listen”NME, 8/10


  • Nozinja Lodge out now on Warp Records

    The highly-anticipated new album from South African dance innovator, Nozinja, is now out on Warp Records.

    “Playful and vibrant, we think you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait” – The Guardian

    “a genuine, crazy, and utterly fresh classic” – The Random Note, 9/10

    “43 too short minutes of sinuous heart thumping goodness (…) Nozinja has just given the best case for Shangaan Electro the UK has heard” – The Ransom Note, 9/10

    “the album’s ten tracks is a tour-de-force of Nozinja’s 10+ years of perfecting this style” – Norman Records, 8/10


  • “This is our Time”: Nozinja takes shangaan to the world

    Nozinja feat. Tiyiselani Vomaseve “Kuna… by brtvofficial

    While Boiler Room was in South Africa forits most recent Stay True Journey with Ballantines Scotch Whisky, they recorded a special film with Richard Mthethwa – aka Zinja Hlungwani, but best known as Nozinja – and then caught up with him afterwards to get a little background on how he feels to be an ambassador for a sound with a very particular history.

    Nozinja occupies a unique place in the South African electronic music world. Where others have taken house or hip hop as their template and hybridised these with local styles to create something new, he is the producer who has most unabashedly used traditional rhythms – the hyper-speed percussion of the Shangaan dances he attended in Soweto – as his base.

    The style he invented as a result, Shangaan electro, has been a runaway success, with international festival audiences falling at his feet and those of the deranged dancers who accompany his performances – leading to a highly productive partnership with WARP records, and the great Shangaan Shake remix album on Honest Jon’s.

    Read the full interview here

  • Nozinja Lodge released June 1 on Warp Records


    Shangaan electro innovator Nozinja presents his debut album on Warp Records, an invigorating blast of future-facing dance music from Limpopo, South Africa.

    Nozinja Lodge sees the producer test the frantic upper limits of Shangaan Electro on white-knuckle, rave-channelling cuts like Baby Do You Feel Me and Vatswelani, while enjoying the freedom to take his foot off the gas and bring a deeper, lilting touch to his trademark sound on Vomaseve Hina and closing track Jaha. Featuring a community of Shangaan vocalists alongside Nozinja, the songs take in themes of love, faith and tribal customs – while endlessly chasing the visceral thrill of the dance.

    The record has a unique soul, stamped with the spirit of the Shangaan people, their language and musical history. Coming out of South Africa’s vibrant post-apartheid cultural landscape but with no clearly discernible peers, Nozinja is a true visionary of the 21st century digital diaspora.

    This summer Nozinja will be in residence at Station to Station, a ’30 Day Happening’ curated by Doug Aitken taking place at London’s Barbican. He will also be performing at a number of summer festivals, starting on 1 May with Red Bull Music Academy Festival in New York.


    Listen To Album Track ‘Xihukwani’ Here:



    01/05 New York, Red Bull Music Academy Festival @ Villain

    16/07 Amsterdam, Bitterzoet

    17/07 Ferropolis, MELT! Festival

    19/07 Dour, Dour Festival

    22-23/07 London, Station to Station @ Barbican

    24/07 Manchester, Soup Kitchen

    25/07 Sheffield, Tramlines Festival


  • Nozinja & Tessela 12″ on Bleep + film clip

    Bleep will release a special 12″ that sees South African Shangaan Electro pioneer partner with UK ruff techno master Tessela. Released on 9th Feb 2015.

    Meanwhile have premiered an excerpt the forthcoming film about the south african electronic music scene called ‘Future Sounds Of Mzanski’. The clip focuses on Nozinja featuring an excellent interview and (rare) live footage. Watch here.

    2015 is going to be a huge year for Nozinja and his crew. We are now booking a July summer tour.


  • New Nozinja (Shangaan Electro) video for ‘Tsekeleke’ now live

    ‘Tsekeleke’ is the first release by Nozinja since signing to the label, the video was filmed in Johannesburg and directed by Chris Saunders.

    The new track will feature on a 12” due out later this year, more information about Nozinja and the Shangaan electro sound is available here, where you can also listen to a playlist of his previous collaborations, remixers and productions.





  • Nozinja (Shangaan Electro) signs to Warp Records

    Nozinja is the South African producer, showman and innovator behind the revolutionary dance movement known as ‘shangaan electro’. Freshly signed to Warp Records, he now presents a brand new live show showcasing the inimitable next-level programming, hyper-speed dance moves and soulful vocal hooks that make this a club experience like no other.

    Shangaan electro connects South African folk tradition with contemporary genres like kwaito and house, and Nozinja has transcended these reference points to dream up his own iconic Afro-futurist strain of electronic dance music. There is nothing quite like a Nozinja production: it is home-grown rave music in its purest form.

    The Soweto-based, svengali has produced a hugely popular back catalogue of tapes, CDs and DVDs for the local market, a choice selection of which was released on the much-acclaimed Honest Jon’s compilation ‘Shangaan Electro’ and later futureshocked in fine style on ‘Shangaan Shake’, an arsenal of killer remixes from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Actress, Theo Parrish and DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn. More recently Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) has put out a string of Nozinja-produced singles (as Xitsonga Dance and Tshetsha Boys) on his Jiaolong imprint.

    Forthcoming shows

    Tickets 29/04/2014 Bristol Start The Bus
    Tickets 30/04/2014 Brighton Bermuda Triangle
    Tickets 01/05/2014 Liverpool Liverpool Sound City
    Tickets 02/05/2014 Paris La Machine
    Tickets 03/05/2014 Krems Donau Festival
    Tickets 04/05/2014 London Electrowerkz Soundcrash
    Tickets 05/05/2014 Sheffield The Harley
    Tickets 08/05/2014 Ghent Vooruit/Balzaal
    Tickets 09/05/2014 Berlin Urban Spree
    Tickets 10/05/2014 Utrect Tivoli Spiegelbar


    The Guardian:
    The Quietus interview –

    Warp announcement

  • LittleBig welcomes Nozinja (Shangaan Electro)

    Nozinja is the South African artist, producer and DJ who has masterminded a 21st century reboot of indigenous folk tradition, Tsonga disco, kwaito and house to create the Afro-futurist dance music dubbed ‘Shangaan Electro’. It’s a sound that has spread way beyond the famous street parties he organises to inspire dancefloors worldwide with its rapid fire rhythms, soulful vocal edits and infectious swing. Fresh off the back of recent touring with Shangaan Electro, now is the moment for the man behind it all to enter the spotlight with his debut album on a Western label plus a brand new Nozinja live show forthcoming.

    Over the past decade the Soweto-based svengali has produced, released and distributed a vast back catalogue of tapes, CDs and DVDs for the local market, showcasing an array of groups like Tshetsha Boys, BBC and Nkata Mawewe alongside his own solo projects and remix work (Zinja Hlugwani, Xitsonga Dance). The style he has pioneered is unmistakably his own, with its frenetic four four pulse, off-kilter drum fills and joyous minimalism establishing Nozinja as a prized and influential soundclash pioneer.

    Gathering momentum internationally via Youtube in the late 2000’s, the sound attracted worldwide attention in 2010 following the release of ‘Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa’ on Honest Jons, which provided a compelling snapshot of Nozinja’s activities up to this point. The futureshock of this record was such in electronic circles that Ricardo Villalobos, Actress, Theo Parrish and DJs Rashad & Spinn among others lined up to remix it on a succession of Honest Jon’s 12″s. More recently Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) has put out a string of Nozinja-produced singles (as Xitsonga Dance and Tshetsha Boys) on his Jiaolong imprint.

    Nozinja has toured extensively with Shangaan Electro, performing scene-stealing turns at Sonar, Roskilde and Sydney festivals alongside club sessions at the Berghain. Most recently he has curated a festival line up at Paris’s La Gaite Lyrique, devised special dance workshops for all ages and launched his own Nozinja Lodge club night in Dalston.

    Press Quotes
    “Daring, wildly inventive and a rare depth charge in dance music circles”Pitchfork

    “The future sound of Africa and a curveball for dancers”The Quietus

    “A superhuman steel-plated version of traditional music, this frenetic, floor-jacking sound purveyed by entrepreneur Nozinja is a club-friendly sound inspired as much by house and kwaito as it is by their elders”Red Bull Music Academy

    “It’s fantastic, the best thing I’ve heard for a long time. It’s how music should be”Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife)

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    The Guardian – Link
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