• Laurel Halo drops new mix for Truants

    To mark the 150th Truancy Volume, we are very happy to share with you a mix from one of the most distinct and interesting artists around. Over the course of several EPs, two albums and many live performances, Laurel Halo has created music which is as strikingly original and engaging as it is unbound to conventions. The jagged Liaisons Dangereuses-sampling New Beat of Out of the Ordinary, sparse-yet-infectious gqom, Hard House Banton’s classic “Sirens”, dubbed-out house stompers, various strains of experimental music and much more – all these diverse sounds are played in a manner which helps provide a glimpse into what makes Halo’s work so compelling. There is an adventurousness in taste, an expert ear for detail and talent in seeking out exciting and surprising sonic combinations and contrasts – all skilfully bound together without ever feeling forced. Ultimately, the result is something which is captivating, irresistibly fun and rich for unpicking. 



    Skate Laws – And He Did Grind In The Prison House
    Limit – #06
    Im Wald – Get Out
    Hiele – Verwelkoming (Edit)
    COBO – Prototype01
    Strategy – Return From The Stars
    Appleblim & October – Other Side of the Sky
    B.O.P. – Naja
    Central – Tube Life
    Lemme Kno – Lines Up And Down, Like The Old Sounds
    Out of the Ordinary – Play it Again (Los Ninos Mix)
    Bintus – SEG
    Cruel Boyz – Umeqo Emagqomini (Dub Mix)
    Elastic – Fisky
    OKZharp & Samrai – Gated (Woza Uzova Instrumental)
    Cousin – 4GOT
    M.E.S.H. – Follow & Mute
    Hard House Banton – Sirens
    DJ Mabheko – Syagwaba
    Schatrax – Turntribal
    D.Dan – Dred Dan (Dub Mix)
    Struktion – Strukture
    Kassem Mosse – Chilazon 2
    Adonis Presents Noleian Reusse – Lovers Jak
    Claude Young – Second Experience
    Mark Broom – Sixty Six (TWR72 Remix)
    Sparky – Things Fall Apart
    I-F – Who Are You
    Rick The Godson Wilhite – My Voyage
    DVA X Simbad – Soundcheck
    Facta – I am a Strange Loop
    Chino Amobi – Rotterdam

    Read more: Truancy Volume 150: Laurel Halo – Truants

  • Laurel Halo performs with Hatsune Miku


    Commissioned by CTM Festival and transmediale for their joint 2016 editions, Still Be Here is a unique collaborative performance that draws us into the multiplying realities of a 21st century pop star, and traces the dynamics at play between fans, corporations and social desires.

    “I want you to remake me. I sing and exist only for you.”

    Since her 2007 launch in Japan, Hatsune Miku (whose name means “first sound of the future”) has become the ultimate pop star, developed from a vocal synthesizer product into a globally adored and collaboratively constructed cyber celebrity with a growing user community, countless stadium performances as a virtual 3D projection and more than 100 000 songs released worldwide.

    Still Be Here explores Hatsune Miku as the crystallisation of collective desires, embodied in the form of a teal-haired virtual idol, forever 16. In watching the deconstruction of this perfect star, the audience comes to the uncanny realisation that Miku is simply an empty vessel onto which we project our own various fantasies. In this void, the topology of desire within a networked community becomes tangible and Miku becomes an allegory of the commodified female body as governed by corporate regulation and normative social etiquette. The performance critically deconstructs this body and speculates on opportunities to transgress it through means of appropriation.

    Following an idea initiated and conceptualised by artist Mari MatsutoyaStill Be Here is collectively created with music producer Laurel Halo, award-winning choreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon and produced by digital artist Martin Sulzer. This project presents a unique arrival of aesthetics between the participating artists, in their search for the identity of Hatsune Miku. The performance / installation employs a collage methodology with user-generated lyrics, referencing many other contributors and countless online authors and creative commons users, whose works will be further interpreted and given new meaning.

    Still Be Here was in part developed at a residency at Metal this November 2015, and will premiere as a joint highlight of the CTM / transmediale 2016 festivals before travelling to Donaufestival and the Barbican later in the year.


    Still Be Here – Teaser from DISK-CTM on Vimeo.

  • Laurel Halo releases new double ep ‘In Situ’

    Laurel Halo releases new double ep ‘In Situ’ on Honest Jon’s records


    Spherical collections of stars form around black holes in situ; that is, locally to their cosmic neighbourhoods. It is said that future space colonization will rely on sourcing supplies in situ. Construction in situ uses raw materials at the site: colossal sculptures such as Naqsh-e Rustam, the Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Rushmore were built in this fashion.
    Wild, organic machine grooves, with a mind’s eye on naked treetops and an early sunset. Melody breathes out from dubwise fx, percussion by turns sinewy and floating, sub blasts and stripped synth arrangements. Keys on air.
    Spacious, witty, melancholic, deadly.

    Focus I

    Listen to two tracks below:

  • Hyperdub is Resident Advisor’s Label of the Month

    As one of the UK’s brightest and most forward-thinking electronic labels, Hyperdub has carved it’s own path in the industry, influencing a plethora of artists across the board. Resident Advisor joins in the celebration of their 10th year in existence by putting together an in-depth feature on the label as part of their ‘label of the month’ showcase, including an exclusive mix compiled by Scratcha DVA.

    Click the image below to read and listen.


  • Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

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    After another great year for our acts in 2013 we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and strengthen for 2014. The end of year lists contained a very strong showing from our acts, including No.1s from Jon Hopkins, Oneohtrix Point Never, and many many more. Below is an edited selection of the cream of the crop, get in touch now for festival bookings and tour dates!

    Email us at:

    65daysofstatic : ‘Wild Light’ [Superball Music]
    No. 3 in Sam Law’s (Kerrang) ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Muzik Discovery’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013′
    No. 4 in Thrash Hits’ ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Drowned In Sound’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Prog Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Music OMH’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 23 in Rocksound Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 35 in Gigwise’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 78 in Louder Than War’s ‘Albums of 2013′
    Included in Gigwise’s ’32 most underrated albums of 2013′ & ’30 most beautiful covers of 2013’

    Autechre : ‘Exai’ [Warp Records]
    No. 2 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 12 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 46 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’

    DJ Rashad [Hyperdub]
    No. 3 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘Rollin”
    No. 8 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’ for ‘Let it go’
    No. 14 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums’ for ‘Double Cup’

    Dopplereffekt [Leisure System]
    No. 17 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ’Gene Slicing’
    No. 30 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for Tetrahymena

    Fuck Buttons : ‘Slow Focus’ [ATP Recordings]
    No. 1 in The Skinny’s ‘The Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in RollingStone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 9 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 34 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 40 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums’

    Jon Hopkins : ‘Immunity’ [Domino]
    No. 1 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 1 in Musicexpress ‘Record Of The Year’ (Germany)
    No. 1 in The Evening Standard’s ‘Best 10 Albums’
    No. 1 on Triple J ‘Electronic album of the year’ (Australia)
    No. 3 in Tsugi (France)
    No. 3 in NME’s ‘The Best Albums’ voted by readers.
    No. 4 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 4 in Mixmag
    No. 6 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 7 in Time Out
    No. 8 in Mondo Sonoro (Spain
    No. 11 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 11 in The Sunday Times
    No. 13 in Groove (Germany)
    No. 14 in DJ Mag
    No. 16 in Intro (Germany)
    No. 17 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 18 in Resident Advisor
    No. 24 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks of 2013’
    No. 28 in NME’s ‘Best tracks of 2013’
    No. 29 in Mojo
    No. 32 in Clash
    No. 37 in The Guardian
    No. 37 on Pitchfork
    No. 16 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Live Acts’

    Laurel Halo : ‘Chance of Rain’ [Hyperdub]
    No. 2 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013: Top 25 Albums’
    No. 2 in The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases of 2013’
    No. 15 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 21 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 22 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 36 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    ‘Behind the Green Door EP’ [Hyperdub]

    No. 4 in Juno’s ‘Top 100 Tracks, EPs, and Singles’
    No. 8 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’
    No. 15 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases’
    No. 46 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ‘Throw’

    Leisure System
    No. 20 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Labels of 2013’

    Machinedrum [Ninja Tune]
    No. 6 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 16 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’ for ‘Vapor City’
    No. 20 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Eyesdontlie’

    Micachu & Tirzah : ‘I’m Not Dancing’ [Greco-Roman]
    No. 1 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’

    Objekt : ‘Agnes Demise’ [Objekt]
    No. 27 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 Tracks’
    No. 41 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’

    Oneohtrix Point Never : ‘R Plus Seven’ [Warp Records]
    No. 1 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 1 in Ele-King ‘Album of the Year’ (Japan)
    No. 3 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 3 in SPIN’s ‘20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 5 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013:Top 25 Albums’
    No. 6 The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases’
    No. 18 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of The Year’
    No. 34 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    No. 51 in ‘Boomkat’s Top 100 Albums’
    No. 89 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’

    Stellar OM Source : ‘Joy One Mile’ [RVNG Intl]
    No. 1 in Juno’s ‘Top 25 Albums’

    The Field : ‘Cupid’s Head’ [Kompakt]
    No. 7 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’

    Visionist [Leisure System / Lit City Trax]
    No. 5 in Dazed & Confused ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Pain’
    No. 6 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘I’m Fine’
    No. 8 in White Noise ‘Best EPs’ for ‘Shakes EP’
    No. 15 in DJ Broadcast’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Shakebite’
    No. 19 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for ‘M/Secrets’

  • Laurel Halo on the Wire + new xlr8r mix!



    For an in depth interview with Laurel Halo pick up this month issue of the Wire. She talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about Techno utopias, digital identity and making electronic music in the surveillance age.

    Laurel also just dropped an ne mix for xlr8r here:


    01 Rahsaan Roland Kirk “Something for Trane That Trane Could Have Said (Edit)” (Atlantic)
    02 Escola de Samba da Cicade “Improvisos na Batucada” (Philips)
    03 Madteo “Pram Reset” (Morphine)
    04 TCB “Unchained (KM/MM Mix)” (Die Orakel)
    05 Subsaharan Spaceways “Shout (Two For Marion)”
    06 Population One “B2 (from A Simpler Form)” (Reduction)
    07 Matrix “Isthmus #Fast” (Chain Reaction)
    08 Jam City “Water Edit”
    09 Boo Williams “Mistical Journey” (Chiwax)
    10 Ken Nordine “Flesh” (Philips)
    11 Blk_out “Sergecutty”
    12 Mass Prod & Herva “Mike vs Speak & Overdub As a Weapon Against Modern Laptop Wanking” (Kontra Musik)
    13 Smith N Hack “No Gimmicks, No Flash” (Smith N Hack)
    14 Sleeparchive “7” (Tresor)
    15 Laurel Halo “NOYFB (Acapella)” (Hyperdub)
    16 Charles Manier “Octopus” (Nation)
    17 Vester Koza “Maslo 03B” (Maslo)
    18 Dalglish “Donsfe” (PAN)
    19 NSNT PRJCT “We Invented Dis” (Wild Oats)
    20 Ken Ishii “Stretch (Regenerated)” (R&S)
    21 Ter(r)a “Underwater Vessel (OH/FFU Edit)”
    22 Dresvn “A2 (from Acido 014)” (Acido)
    23 Claude Young presents Golem Craft “B2 (from the Of Ages EP)” (Fracture)
    24 Factory Floor “Turn It Up (Laurel Halo Remix)” (DFA)

  • Laurel Halo releases new album 28th Oct

    Laurel Halo will release ‘Chance Of Rain’, her follow up full-length album to last year’s acclaimed ‘Quarantine on Hyperdub Oct 28th. The album’s press release states that it is inspired by the rhythm and harmonies of the music of Detroit, and will explore “the intersection between rhythmic and ambient music, drawing together ideas of movement and stillness, psychedelia and presence of mind…a duality feeling emerges, this time one of unearthly, angry joy.”

    Click to stream!

    The album’s artwork is a piece from the 1970s designed by Halo’s father, a visual artist whose work is centred on the industrial landscapes of Michigan and the Rust Belt.


    The tracklist is below:

    1. Dr. Echt
    2. Oneiroib
    3. Serendip
    4. Chance Of Rain
    5. Melt 06 Still/Dromos
    6. Still/Dromos
    7. Thrax
    8. Ainnome
    9. -Out

  • Laurel Halo reveals new EP on Hyperdub

    Laurel Halo is set to release her new EP ‘Behind the Green Door’ on Hyperdub May 20th

    Fact piece here: click!

    and preview of a track off the new ep here:

    Soon to set out on a few select EU dates in April and May:

    25th April – XOYO – London – UK with Kaseem Mosse, Lee Gamble,Bill Kouligas and Untold
    26th April – Donau Festival – Krems – Austria
    27th April – Trafó – Budapest – Hungary
    28th April – Festsaal Kreuzberg – Berlin – Germany
    27th May – Melkweg – Amsterdam – Holland (with Animal Collective)
    28th May – AB – Brussels – Belgium (with Animal Collective)
    29th May – Trianon – Paris – France (with Animal Collective)

    she also recently did an interview for SPIN

  • TELEPORT feat. Halo, Herndon, Gatekeeper ++. 28.04 – Berlin

    Littlebig is proud to present a Berlin showcase of some of our cutting edge live talent, TELEPORT, including Laurel Halo, Holly Herndon, Gatekeeper as well as our partner agency Surefire’s exciting artists NHK’Koyxen and DJ Bill Kouligas (PAN). The concert will happen at Festsaal Kreuzberg on Sunday. April 28, 2013 – doors at 19:00. For more information on the artists and the event please visit the Facebook event page here. Tickets are 13€ and can be purchased in advance through the Facebook page or Koka36.

  • Laurel Halo announces new European tour dates & Hyperdub EP

    Laurel Halo announces new European tour dates for April & May, including support for Animal Collective. She will also release “Behind The Green Door” EP on Hyperdub to coincide.

    25th April – XOYO – London – UK

    26th April – Donau Festival – Krems – Austria

    27th April – Trafó – Budapest – Hungary

    28th April – Festsaal Kreuzberg – Berlin – Germany

    27th May – Melkweg – Amsterdam – Holland (with Animal Collective)

    28th May – AB – Brussels – Belgium (with Animal Collective)

    29th May – Trianon – Paris – France (with Animal Collective)

    EP info:

    Out April 2013
    A1 THROW
    A2 UHF F/O
    B1 NOYFB


  • Laurel Halo new single and end of year praise

    Laurel’s year just keeps booming.

    Her stunning new Single “Sunlight on the faded” is out on Hyperdub now. Listen below.



    You can read more about the single on Pitchfork.

    Wire magazine have chosen “Quarantine” as their record of the year!

    Recently Laurel also curated her own Boiler Room night! > Boiler Room

    Looking at very select booking for 2013 now!

  • Laurel Halo EU fall tour

    After her highly acclaimed Quarantine album on Hyperdub and spring touring in spring 2012, Laurel Halo is back with her powerful live set across Europe this fall.

    Laurel Halo: 2012 European Tour Trailer from Hyperdub on Vimeo.