• And So I Watch You From Afar “The Endless Shimmering”

  • LITTLEBIG announces partnerships with NEWFORM + QUIETLOUD

    LITTLEBIG was founded by Ned Beckett in the UK in 2004. Representing the world’s finest leftfield artists including Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, Autechre, Battles, Clark and 65daysofstatic, the agency – whilst primarily focusing on concert and tour booking – produces special events worldwide, and to its artists it also offers management and consultancy.

    With offices in Brighton, Bristol and Berlin, the agency is thrilled to announce its expansion; it has opened a London office, under the banner NEWFORM.

    Headed up by the agency’s newest agent-addition, Nathalie Blue, NEWFORM will offer agency, production and consultancy services to composers, musicians and ensembles working between genres and forms. It builds on the agency’s belief in supporting artist visions, with a special focus on the intersection between contemporary classical, electronic and visual culture. NEWFORM will produce and tour a range of unique artists and projects.

    Nathalie Blue – who brings a wealth of expertise and experience from her years working in London agencies such as Primary Talent and Harrison Parrott – explains that NEWFORM will “offer a service which will allow us to curate, connect and promote the best in contemporary live performance”. And LITTLEBIG director Ned Beckett couldn’t be happier with the new entity; “I’m thrilled to welcome such a talented and experienced person to the LITTLEBIG family. Nathalie’s vision fits with our way of thinking, and how we look to evolve our work into new areas in the future.”

    Further to announcing its new London office, there’s an incredibly exciting development for the LITTLEBIG Berlin headquarters too. The agency has teamed up with new Berlin-based agency, QUIETLOUD. After two decades operating as Backroom Entertainment, Alma Ernst and her fantastic 7-person team are beginning a new chapter under the QUIETLOUD banner, sharing office space, insight and expertise with LITTLEBIG.

    This joint-venture between the two agencies has been formed to expand each organisations network and collaborative possibilities, continuing their shared passion and enduring dedication to developing the live careers of artists they truly believe in and are inspired by. Two cutting-edge organisations will now collaborate, and will continue building amazing live careers for artists, and special experiences for audiences.

    QUIETLOUD website


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    Debbie Clare
    LITTLEBIG Partner & Booking Agent

    Nathalie Blue
    NEWFORM Founder & Booking Agent

    Alma Ernst
    QUIETLOUD Founder, CEO & Booking Agent

    Alexandra Schütte
    QUIETLOUD COO & Booking Agent

  • ASIWYFA compose score for new horror, The Cured

    Rory Friers and Niall Kennedy have composed the music for the upcoming horror thriller ‘The Cured’. 

    Six years after an aggressive virus has spread through Europe, transforming the infected into zombie-like monsters, the great hope of a cure is found. The cure, which has a 75% success rate, restores the infected to full physical health. Although the cured remember everything they did while infected.

    Three years into this great hope, the third wave of cured are ready for reintegration in Ireland.

    Once released they find the dream of reintegration has failed with a two-tier society emerging. Suicide and alcoholism are widespread amongst the cured. Many are shunned by their remaining families, while others hold a deep bitterness over the government restrictions placed on them.

    Amongst the third wave is Senan Browne, a man haunted with the memory of killing his brother, Luke, while infected. Senan desperately wants to confess to Luke’s widow, Abbie, and son. Although when faced with them he can’t go through with it. Senan begins to get dragged into the growing social unrest but his only concern is keeping Luke’s family safe.

    With society crumbling and the government debating humane elimination of the resistant 25%, Senan’s redemption brings him to the heart of the chaos erupting around him.

    Directed By
    David Freyne
    Written By
    David Freyne
    Screenplay By
    David Freyne
    Produced By
    Rachael O’Kane & Rory Dungan
  • ASIWYFA release The Endless Shimmering

    Countless bands will attest to And So I Watch You From Afar’s influence on their own music; in 2009, the predominantly instrumental Belfast-based outfit released a self-titled record that few heard but almost every single person who did immediately took it upon themselves to start a band. As a result, they have had a direct effect on making math rock and instrumental music blossom into the modest but fertile scenes that they are in the UK today. Thanks to a myriad of local DIY independent movements and festivals such as ArcTanGent and Strangeforms, a style of music that could easily have just been seen as a small blip in the annals of music history has bloomed into something that can be genuinely regarded as a world-wide recognised movement.

    For many, the Irish quartet, alongside bands such as Adebisi Shank, You Slut! and Maybeshewill, made the prospect of music with no vocals (with the exception of the odd yelp dotted hither and thither) exciting, by injecting it with a frenzied frenetic frisson and refusing to ever give the listener time to get remotely bored. Whilst the music they make is almost certainly too esoteric for it to ever be considered ‘mainstream’ (whatever that word even means in a modern context), they are originators and innovators in a genre that is adored by a modest but loyal and dedicated following of music aficionados. Their fifth album The Endless Shimmering, is available on Friday 20th October via Sargent House but you can stream the album in full below 3 days before it’s official release, exclusively with The Independent.
    The Endless Shimmering ushers in a new chapter in the life of And So I Watch You From Afar. Broadly speaking, it’s possible to group the band’s previous four full-length albums into two distinct groups; their 2009 self-titled debut and 2011’s Gangs serve as an introduction to the band infusing predominantly instrumental music with a ferocious, exuberant youthful energy that has more in common with punk rock than post rock. Similarly, the colourful, schizophrenic, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sugar-rush of 2013’s All Hail Bright Futures and 2015’s Heirs are natural bedfellows. The 9 songs that make up The Endless Shimmering are cut from an altogether different cloth, which guitarist Rory Friers puts down to the way in which these new songs were constructed.

    “Heirs and All Hail Bright Futures were both projects where the songs were predominantly written in the studio, so we used more recording techniques and took advantage of being able to add more layers and extra instrumentation. We went in to the studio with songs that weren’t fully finished and we allowed them to come to life in the studio. That whole world is a really exciting and fulfilling one but as with everything, it’s not an approach that we want to take every single time. So this record felt like a natural point for us to step away from that studio environment when writing the songs. Before we started writing The Endless Shimmering, we knew that we wanted to spend a long time writing and rehearsing, essentially getting these songs to sound as amazing as possible as a live band.”
    This approach gives the songs on The Endless Shimmering more space and room to breathe; these 9 tracks are And So I Watch You From Afar’s most focused and taut songs to date and yet they still sound thrillingly vibrant and full of life. Both Heirs and All Hail Bright Futures took ‘weeks and weeks’ to record, whilst the band experimented with adding various bells, whistles, vocal lines and layers. Gangs was recorded in ’10-11 days’ but then took an additional 3-4 weeks to mix. In contrast, the band recorded andmixed The Endless Shimmering in just 9 days, making it the quickest And So I Watch You From Afar recording experience by a long shot.

    “All the work was done before we came into the studio” says Rory, “there was never a moment where we’d sit around and ask ourselves ‘what should we be doing now?’ It was a very pre-meditated approach this time around and by the very nature of how we wrote this album, essentially the four of us playing live in a rehearsal room, the songs had to stand up on their own. They were generally recorded in one or two takes, in some cases maybe three and it felt as if we’d explored every possible avenue with each song before we entered the studio, so we knew as soon as we went in exactly how each song needed to be.”
    Around 30 songs were written for the record before being whittled down to the 9 that appear on the album. It’s tantalising to think that there’s so much material leftover that could potentially be turned into something that might one day be heard outside of a rehearsal room, but Rory quashes that particular notion. “It’s like an artist who wants to make a really cool painting; you’ve got to make several paintings that aren’t quite right in order to get to the really good one. And that’s ok, those not so good paintings are all a part of the process and throwing those ideas around in a room together has got us thinking and set us on the right path to the nine songs that we think of as being the really good ones. When you’re working on an idea, you always tell yourself that it’ll see the light of day at some point. But then, for whatever reason, you move past them and focus your attentions on something else. We’re a band that has very little interest in looking backwards or taking ideas from the past or being nostalgic in any way. The exciting stuff is always in front of us and so those ideas tend to never get to see the light of day. There was an EP that almost got released last year but we just didn’t get round to it and now it feels like we’ve missed the boat, because those songs just aren’t exciting to us anymore. When you play a song in rehearsal a million times, it can lose its lustre.”
    Knowing which ideas to throw out and which to keep hold of is a difficult dilemma for any band; when you’re so close to material that you’ve written, how on earth are you meant to sort the wheat from the chaff? It’s something that And So I Watch You From Afar are very aware of and as such, the impulse was to follow their gut as much as possible this time around. “It’s easy to get distracted now at a time when music is thrown in front of you and consumed so quickly and easily” says Rory. “I’m speaking here as a consumer of music as well as a musician; there’s so much at your disposal so instantly and so quickly that it becomes difficult for us to live with records and really let them sink in. It’s got to a point where option paralysis is a very real thing. So I think our instincts for this record were to dismiss anything that’s wasn’t speaking directly to us, to be drawn to the ideas that naturally lend themselves to the way we play and the four personalities that are in the room. Sometimes we might work on an idea where we’re trying something new but deep down we’ll know if it’s natural for the four of us to go down that route or not. We try not to be scared of going down those corridors and exploring them sometimes but I think at some point you have to start following your gut and not force anything, and that’s exactly the approach we tried to adopt with this album.”
    The band flew out to Machines with Magnets recording studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, about 40 miles South-West of Boston. Just as they arrived, a major snowstorm brought the North-East coastline to a standstill, effectively isolating the band and focusing their attentions, a situation they welcomed with open arms, as guitarist Niall Kennedy explains. “I think it had a positive affect on the album; we’d talked about wanting to have this experience where we go into a studio and completely immerse ourselves in the process. When we’ve recorded in Belfast before, we’d spend all day in the studio, call it a day and then go home to our respective homes where normal stuff and social lives begin to creep in. So we were kind of hoping to create an environment where this album was our lives for the entire time that we were doing it. When we arrived and found out that there was going to be this snowstorm, it just added to the intensity of the experience and forced us into this little creative bubble. It heightened everything and made us feel even more immersed in putting together this record, the focus was on the album 100% of the time. We came away feeling like we’d accomplished everything that we had wanted to; it was a really positive experience.”

    The Endless Shimmering is an album where everything is laid bare; one could see it as a ‘back to basics’ record, where the songs have been stripped of any unnecessary parts or vocal lines (of which, bar a tiny sample at the beginning of ‘Three Triangles’, none feature what-so-ever, a first for an ASIWYFA album). There’s been talk of The Endless Shimmering being the band’s most personal album to date and, whilst they’re reluctant to go into specifics, there’s a direct approach to the material here that suggests a desire to cut through the crap and get to the meat of the matter.

    “We are fortunate enough to be able to make music that is very cathartic for us” says Rory, “something that is the product of four friends coming together and writing and rehearsing long into the night. Whenever I listen to this album, I can hear everything that went into it; it feels as if there’s a lot of emotion in there. I can associate each song with various different things that were going on in our lives and it makes me so much prouder that we managed to up cycle those events and turn them into something positive. It’s taken that negative energy and made it into 44 minutes of music that, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it, we view as our proudest achievement.”

    The Endless Shimmering is released on Friday 20th October through Sargent House and is available to preorder on vinyl, CDand digitally now. The band begin a 40-date tour of the UK and Europe at Patronaat in Haarlem, The Netherlands on 18th October

  • And So I Watch You From Afar share “Terrors of Pleasure”

    “Combining a few slower, more contemplative yet complex melodies alongside passages of pure, blistering riffs and thunderous percussion, it shows off the raw energy that they aimed to instil into the whole of The Endless Shimmering.”— DIY

    Northern Ireland’s And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA) share a new track today from their forthcoming album The Endless Shimmering via PopMatters. This will be the eclectic quartet’s fifth full length album following on from their widely acclaimed album Heirs. The song “Terrors of Pleasure” is available to hear and share HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.)

    ASIWYFA previously launched a video for the first single, “A Slow Unfolding Of Wings” via DIY HERE. (Direct YouTube HERE.) Second album track “Dying Giants” is available via YouTube HERE.

    In support of the album, ASIWYFA launch an extensive EU/UK tour next week. They will be joined by Gallops for all of their UK dates. Please see complete dates below.

    ASIWYFA have a relentless thirst for touring and over the past 7-years they have tallied up almost 500 shows worldwide — including less common tour stops such as China, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

    The Endless Shimmering will be available everywhere October 20th, 2017 via Sargent House. Pre-orders are available at iTunes HERE and physical HERE.

  • ASIWYFA release new single, Dying Giants

    From the album “The Endless Shimmering” on Sargent House. Released on October 20, 2017

  • ASIWYFA premiere new single + announce new album

    Today, Northern Irish rock band And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA) have announced their return with their new forthcoming album, ‘The Endless Shimmering. This will be the eclectic quartet’s fifth full length album following on from their widely acclaimed album ‘Heirs’. Alongside the announcement of their new album, band have also premiered a new video for the first single from the album entitled ‘A Slow Unfolding Of Wings’ with DIY Magazine.

    Speaking about the single, DIY Magazine said, “Combining a few slower, more contemplative yet complex melodies alongside passages of pure, blistering riffs and thunderous percussion, it shows off the raw energy that they aimed to instil into the whole of ‘The Endless Shimmering’.”

    In support of their forthcoming album, ASIWYFA have also announced a 42-date EU/UK tour to start this autumn covering the UK and much of Europe. They will be joined by Gallops for all of their UK dates. ASIWYFA have a relentless thirst for touring and over the past 7-years they have tallied up almost 500 shows worldwide – including less common tour stops such as China, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

    The Endless Shimmering will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 20th, 2017 via Sargent House.

    And So I Watch You From Afar will play the following dates in autumn:

    18/10/2017 Haarlem Patronaat NL
    19/10/2017 Utrecht EKKO NL
    20/10/2017 Nijmegen Doornroosje (Purple room) NL
    21/10/2017 Osnabrück Kl. Freiheit DE
    22/10/2017 Karlsruhe Stadtmitte DE
    23/10/2017 Eindhoven DDWMusic festival NL
    24/10/2017 Rouen Le 106 Club FR
    25/10/2017 Nantes Le Ferrailleur FR
    26/10/2017 Bordeaux Le Void FR
    27/10/2017 Barcelona AM Fest ES
    28/10/2017 Madrid Sala Caracol ES
    29/10/2017 Porto Hard Club PT
    30/10/2017 Lisbon Musicbox PT
    02/11/2017 Milan Magnolia IT
    03/11/2017 Fribourg Nouveau Monde CH
    04/11/2017 Winterthur Gaswerk CH
    05/11/2017 Pratteln MiniZ7 CH
    06/11/2017 München Ampere DE
    07/11/2017 Prague NoD Teatro CZ
    08/11/2017 Leipzig Conne Island DE
    09/11/2017 Berlin Lido DE
    10/11/2017 Hannover Bei Chez Heinz DE
    12/11/2017 Cologne Gebäude 9 DE
    13/11/2017 Wiesbaden Schlachthof DE
    14/11/2017 Essen Zeche Carl DE
    15/11/2017 Hamburg Knust DE
    16/11/2017 Groningen Vera NL
    17/11/2017 Maastricht Muziekgieterij NL
    18/11/2017 Louvain-La-Neuve Festival la Ferme BE
    19/11/2017 Kortrijk De Kreun BE
    21/11/2017 Paris Maroquinerie FR
    22/11/2017 Luxembourg Rockhal LU
    23/11/2017 London Koko UK
    24/11/2017 Manchester Academy 2 UK
    25/11/2017 Glasgow Oran Mor UK
    26/11/2017 Bristol Thekla UK
    28/12/2017 Dublin Academy IE
    29/12/2017 Castlebar Co Mayo Garbo’s IE
    30/12/2017 Cork Cypress Avenue IE
    31/12/2017 Galway Roisin Dubh IE

  • And So I Watch You From Afar announce extensive European tour

    Northern Ireland’s most breath-taking, compelling and heart-stoppingly brilliant export announces a return to European shores, with an extensive tour this coming autumn.

    The band’s incredible, passionate live show ventures through joyous bubbling rhythmic anticipation, to specks and glitches of electronica, intertwined with what sounds like a thousand drum-kits chasing each other down the street in time. Add gloriously warm layers of cascading vocals, and distorted, mischievous guitars, and what you get is an overwhelming feeling of triumph, pleasure, euphoria; ASIWYFA live leaves you feeling like everything really is gonna be alright.

    Everything points to a massive year for the band, with everything to play for.

    Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

    18/10/2017 Wed NETHERLANDS Haarlem Patronaat
    19/10/2017 Thu NETHERLANDS Utrecht EKKO
    20/10/2017 Fri NETHERLANDS Nijmegen Doornroosje
    21/10/2017 Sat GERMANY Osnabrück Kl. Freiheit
    22/10/2017 Sun GERMANY Karlsruhe Stadtmitte
    23/10/2017 Mon NETHERLANDS Eindhoven DDWMusic festival
    24/10/2017 Tue FRANCE Rouen Le 106
    25/10/2017 Wed FRANCE Nantes Le Ferrailleur
    26/10/2017 Thu FRANCE Bordeaux Le Void
    27/10/2017 Fri SPAIN Barcelona AM Fest
    28/10/2017 Sat SPAIN Madrid Sala Caracol
    29/10/2017 Sun PORTUGAL Porto Hard Club
    30/10/2017 Mon PORTUGAL Lisbon Musicbox
    02/11/2017 Thu ITALY Milan Magnolia
    03/11/2017 Fri SWITZERLAND Fribourg Nouveau Monde
    04/11/2017 Sat SWITZERLAND Winterthur Gaswerk
    05/11/2017 Sun SWITZERLAND Pratteln MiniZ7
    06/11/2017 Mon GERMANY München Ampere
    07/11/2017 Tue CZECH REPUBLIC Prague NoD Teatro
    08/11/2017 Wed GERMANY Leipzig Conne Island
    09/11/2017 Thu GERMANY Berlin Bi Nuu
    10/11/2017 Fri GERMANY Hannover Bei Chez Heinz
    12/11/2017 Sun GERMANY Cologne Gebäude 9
    13/11/2017 Mon GERMANY Wiesbaden Schlachthof
    14/11/2017 Tue GERMANY Essen Zeche Carl
    15/11/2017 Wed GERMANY Hamburg Knust
    16/11/2017 Thu NETHERLANDS Groningen Vera
    17/11/2017 Fri NETHERLANDS Maastricht Muziekgieterij
    18/11/2017 Sat BELGIUM Louvain-La-Neuve Festival la Ferme
    19/11/2017 Sun BELGIUM Kortrijk De Kreun
    21/11/2017 Tue FRANCE Paris La Maroquinerie
    22/11/2017 Wed LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg Rockhal
    23/11/2017 Thu UK London Koko
    24/11/2017 Fri UK Manchester Academy 2
    25/11/2017 Sat UK Glasgow Oran Mor
    26/11/2017 Sun UK Bristol Thekla

  • ASIWYFA Eunoia_Big Thinks

  • ASIWYFA announces new album and European tour


    And So I Watch You From Afar has announced its upcoming fourth full-length album entitled Heirs, to be released worldwide by Sargent House on May 4, 2015.

    Heirs marks the band’s return to recording as a four-piece with their now full-time member Niall Kennedy. They returned to work again with Rocky O’Reilly to record and mix the album in Belfast. It is their boldest statement yet; an album bursting with a positive vigor, that states a renewed case for a magnetizing band at its best.

    ASIWYFA has a built a legion of fans across the world by playing, thus far, over 700 amazing live shows. With unfalteringly great songs, their last album, 2013’s All Hail Bright Futures, earned the band its third-in-a-row Choice Music Prize nomination for Irish Album of The Year.


    ASIWYFA Europe 2015 album tour

    28-Apr Tue UK GLASGOW King Tuts
    29-Apr Wed UK MANCHESTER Gorilla
    30-Apr Thu UK BRISTOL Marble Factory
    1-May Fri UK LONDON Islington Assembly Hall
    2-May Sat FRANCE DUNKERQUE 4Ecluses
    3-May Sun LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG den Atelier
    4-May Mon FRANCE PARIS Fleche d’Or
    8-May Fri NETHERLANDS EINDHOVEN Effenaar, Small Hall
    9-May Sat NETHERLANDS DEVENTER Burgerweeshuis
    10-May Sun FRANCE NANTES Le Ferrailleur
    11-May Mon FRANCE CLERMONT FERRAND La Cooperative de Mai Club
    12-May Tue SWITZERLAND ZURICH Dynamo
    13-May Wed SWITZERLAND BERN Dachstock @ Reitschule
    15-May Fri ITALY MILAN Leoncavallo
    16-May Sat ITALY ROME Venue TBC
    17-May Sun ITALY MODENA La Tenda
    19-May Tue SLOVENIA LJUBLJANA Kino Šiška
    20-May Wed CROATIA ZAGREB Zedno Uho Festival
    21-May Thu HUNGARY BUDAPEST Dürer Kert
    22-May Fri AUSTRIA VIENNA Arena
    23-May Sat GERMANY MUNICH Ampere
    26-May Tue GERMANY WIESBADEN Schlachthof
    27-May Wed GERMANY LEIPZIG Täubchental
    28-May Thu GERMANY BERLIN Bi Nuu
    29-May Fri GERMANY HAMBURG Logo
    30-May Sat GERMANY ESSEN Zeche Carl
    31-May Sun GERMANY COLOGNE Underground
    1-Jun Mon NETHERLANDS AMSTERDAM Paradiso (upstairs)


  • And So I Watch You From Afar