Holly Blakey

Born in North Yorkshire and now based in London, Blakey’s dance work spans stage and screen. Her award-winning debut live show Some Greater Class performed at the Southbank in summer 2017.

Blakey’s work for camera, as a Director and Choreographer, has featured collaborations with music artists and fashion houses such as Dior, Gucci, Claire Barrow, Young Fathers, Gwilym Gold, and Mica Levi and Florence and the Machine.

Blakey is a recipient of a UK MVA award for her work on Delilah (Florence and the Machine) for ‘Best Choreography in a Video’ that same year she was also nominated as ‘Best New Director’.

After the world premiere of Cowpuncher in 2018 at, a commission to reopen London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, Blakey opened Cowpuncher My Ass, a sequel costumed by Vivienne Westwood and scored by Mica Levi.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. From its risible title onwards, it literally writhes with self-loathing and misanthropy. This is frenzy without rapture, sexuality without pleasure, speed without exhilaration. It shoots from the conservatoire to the strip club, the ballet to the rave to the mosh pit. I can’t wait for what Holly Blakey does next.” The Guardian, 2020.