Daniel Lanois

We are proud to celebrate a new relationship with the legendary producer Daniel Lanois. A message from Daniel; “Anti records USA are releasing a new instrumental record of mine worldwide in September 2016. This body of work titled Goodbye To Language along with selections from my last record Flesh & Machine and an earlier Anti record Bella Donna, makes for an exciting selection of material for a great live show.

We also have a visual component to include in the show, where applicable, I.E. night time festival slot or indoor theatre. This show represents the instrumental part of what I do, which goes all the way back to the ambient music chapter of my work with Eno. LittleBig have come highly recommended to me as reliable, dedicated folks to provide a conduit to instrumental music events. The dynamic range of such a night, will include beautiful, celestial steel guitar to heart driving, electro pulse music.

Please be in touch with Ned, as he will be happy to expand with what I have just said to you, with various helpful links to my works.”