Cybotron Live

The Future has Arrived.
Electronic pioneers Cybotron, fronted by Techno originator Juan Atkins, present an electronic, multi-sensory journey, playing seminal classics along with new material from the forthcoming album.

Cybotron Live showcases a creative collaboration between Detroit’s pioneering Juan Atkins and visual technologists, Pilot. Pilot’s advanced, proprietary digital lighting and laser control system enables multi-layers of audio to be fed into their bespoke visual generative engine. The debut show featured 12 lasers syncing simultaneously in real-time with 1.5m pixels on a 12m LED screen. The result is an astonishing optical display – the technology intertwining within itself to create unique, futurist synergy.

The inaugural sold-out show took place at Barbican, London in April 2019 receiving worldwide critical acclaim. Cybotron Live performed two further showcase events at Primavera Sound and opened the Dekmantel Festival at the Muziekgebouw concert hall.

Cybotron (conceived from the words ‘cyborg’ and ‘cyclotron’) was formed by visionaries Juan Atkins and Richard “3070” Davis in 1981. After self-releasing two 45’s; ‘Alleys Of Your Mind’ and ‘Cosmic Cars’ they signed to Fantasy Records and released the iconic ‘Enter’ album. ‘Enter’ is widely considered to be where Techno began. The co-creator’s vision was dominated by the notion that human life would become so intertwined with technology that they would be essentially inseparable.

In 1980 Cybotron projected themselves into the future, producing a series of advanced prophetic compositions. Fast forward forty years, and ‘Enter’ is more relevant than ever. A foundational record in the evolution of electronic dance music, and often dubbed as one of the forbearers of modern techno, the record is commonly regarded as the only old-school electro album with major staying power. The Wire cited “Clear” as a “ground-breaking…first-generation piece of pure machine music.

Juan Atkins is widely credited as the originator of Techno – even coining the name for the genre itself, and went on to change the course of music history. Laying the blueprint and foundations for what has become a worldwide movement; he also created the genre’s first and longest running label, Metroplex. At the dawn of the 1980’s, Juan began recording what stands as perhaps the most Influential body of work in the field of Techno. 1982’s ‘Clear’ is considered to be the first proto-Techno track, and Atkins has continued to make critically acclaimed music for over 35 years.