The musical project ATEQ (Florian Lepa) is marked by recurring gentle waves of electronic loops seamlessly integrated into each other while crawling toward its climax.

Being one of the old-timers of the Weimar-founded Giegling label, both of his 12” and further V/A contributions were released on the collective’s imprint. All of which demonstrate ATEQ’s sound with stunningly deep and powerful motives while keeping a melancholic essence.

Various collaborative efforts have manifested ATEQ’s skill in stepping between house and techno within minimalistic soundscapes. Furthermore, a recent live show together with Samuel Rohrer’s percussion virtuosity has explored the realms of avant-garde jazz & ambient.

It is to no surprise that ATEQ has valued to maintain strong bonds and while touring globally with his DJ and Live performance, he has also developed a residence and close alliance with Tbilisi’s Bassiani.

One may say ATEQ’s profound foundation has been created; it is however yet to unfold where this journey will lead.