At the root of Nick Lapien and Robin Koek’s Artefakt project is a shared love for melancholic, hypnotic voodoo music. Their sound is pensive with deep, rich textures; long track lengths—often six-minutes-plus—give the duo an expansive framework in which to make small changes of texture and tone, creating cerebral, balanced atmospheres that absorb and engage.

As a live act, Lapien and Koek have performed all across Europe, North America, and Asia, their analog-heavy set a must-see for fans of melodic and deeply emotive techno. Drawing on their shared love for collecting records, they also perform as DJs, crafting long, hypnotic narratives laced with exclusive material and records from the extensive collections, old and new.

A tangible sonic landscape approach to music design is further expanded in their
upcoming work, posing a club-ready iteration to their more introspective, celebrated work ‘Days Bygone’. The artists are currently pushing their creative boundaries based on an improvised approach to music making in the finely curated ‘Collabs’ series on their own imprint De Stijl.