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Vladislav Delay: 4D Sound, Future Music and ‘Visa’

Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay has had a busy few months in the lead up to the release of his new album ‘VISA’. Along with shows at River King – Paris, Unsound Festival – Krakow, 4D…

Brindza - Vladislav Delay-11

Vladislav Delay announces new LP ‘Visa’

Vladislav Delay returns with ‘Visa’, a surprise album announced to drop in November 2014. It will be his first set of  beatless material in ten years. The upcoming album has received strong support…


Vladislav Delay – Ripatti / 2013 Roundup

The past year has seen a new direction in the ever developing timeline of Sasu Ripatti, most commonly known as Vladislav Delay.  Following two LP’s for Raster-Noton, Sasu has once again turned his…


Vladislav Delay Live – HD video

Recorded by URSSS in HD, Vladislav Performs a 50 minute live set in Milan. Not much needs to be said about this one- turn it up and zone in to a true master…


Resident Advisor interview Vladislav Delay

Stated as one of the most prolific and curious electronic artists in the field, Resident Advisor visited Berghain in December 2012 for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Sasu Ripatti, talking over…


Vladislav Delay – Kuopio

Vladislav Delay returns with his second LP via the German imprint ‘Raster-Noton’. 8 tracks of complex sound manipulation and delicate constructions, all bearing the organic evolutions and synthetic tact which Sasu Ripatti has…

Vladislav Delay Live Set

Following up with the hugely well received ‘Espoo’ EP, Vladislav Delay’s highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Kuopio’ is due to reach the same sought after status as his previous, sold out releases on labels…

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