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Jimmy Edgar + Derrick May – We Love… Detroit tour & compilation

After a busy 2012 with his Majenta Live show touring the world, Jimmy Edgar is preparing for another intense year this time playing slamming house / techno DJ sets packed with his new tunes & edits.

The We Love… Detroit compilation with Derrick May was released by the lovely people at We Love.

Catch Jimmy & Derrick across Europe all spring & summer as they weave their way towards the We Love.. Space mega rave. There are just a couple of remaining June dates were they are available to play together…. 22.06 & 29.06

Jimmy has plenty of other shows too both solo DJ sets & JETs live sets at festivals through summer.




CD1 Derrick May
1. John Beltran – Synaptic Transmission
2. Yotam Avni – Pentimento
3. Petar Dundov – Distant Shores4. KiNK – Hand Made (Dub mix)
5. Kai Alce – Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush’s Sax Dub)
6. Deep’A & Biri – Hova
7. Carl Craig – Sandstorms
8. Federico Grazzini – Nova
9. Benny Rodrigues – It’s A Spiritual Thing
10. Andres – New For U

CD 2 Jimmy Edgar
1. Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be
2. Lando Kai – Clockin’
3. Jimmy Edgar – Semierotic
4. Magda – Late Night Woodward
5. Kyle Hall & Kero- Zug Island
6. Coyote Clean Up – Mount Babe Bricks
7. Noel Jackson – That You Love Me
8. Darling Farah – Body
9. Magic Touch feat. N Dawson – Niks Groove
10. Kris Wadsworth – Connection
11. Axiom Crux – When Summer Doesn’t Come

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