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Yaleesa Hall

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Not one to be easily pigeon-holed, Yaleesa Hall decides to let his opinionated music speak for itself. Being one of the steady contributors of the uncompromising Will & Ink record label, Yaleesa Hall finds himself in a position he is most comfortable in: autonomous, steadfast and fully dedicated to producing music that pushes its own envelope. Yaleesa Hall works with Malin (Genie) on a regular basis and is Hypercolour affiliated as well. Hall is an Amsterdam based artist, dj, producer and live act, his skill is evident and his sound is best described as forward thinking techno.

Resident Advisor describes Yaleesa’s and Will & Ink’s output as: “ultimately though, abstract sound generation and its assortment of perversions is what make it stand out and help keep Will & Ink from becoming just another techno label” & “a fine dose of playful rule-bending music for dj’s who like to shake things up a bit.” Or as Mosca once said in his NTS radio show: “not feel good techno but that kind of techno… you can’t not dance to.” Alongside him, other supporters are iconic names like Herbert, Laurent Garnier, Bambounou and papa Sven Väth, not a bad list of names to be able to add to your fan base.

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