Artwork by: Holly Herndon – Chorus
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Roly Porter

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After his time as one half of Vex’d during the ‘golden era’ of UK dubstep, Bristol’s Roly Porter, embarked on a solo career, composing epic, atmospheric electronic music alongside his brethren of Subtext Recordings with LPs including AftertimeLife Cycle of a Massive Star and Third Law, sonically portraying the awe inspired by our inner and outer universes. 2016′s Third Law, released on Tri Angle Records, is a stunning mass of choral voices, strings, and synthesizers punctuated by pulverizing percussive bursts, almost attacking the listener at the most tension-filled moments, as if emanating deep from within the planet’s core. The totally immersive Third Law A/V show with MFO, launching the audience into the outer reaches of perception and space, debuted at Berlin Atonal in 2016. 

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LittleBig welcomes Roly Porter

LittleBig welcomes Roly Porter

April 20th, 2017

LittleBig proudly welcomes Roly Porter. The Br...


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