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Despite releasing only a small handful of records since his eponymous white-label debut in 2011, Objekt has quickly become one of the most consistently lauded producers of recent years. The Berlin-based artist has garnered an enviable reputation for attention to detail, evocative arrangements and inventive, effervescent sound design, coaxing sonic features from the most unlikely of places.

His singles, from the Objekt #1-#3 white label series (2011-2013) to Hypnagogia (his 2014 split 12” with electro legends Dopplereffekt) and 2012’s Cactus/Porcupine on Hessle Audio, pointedly flout techno conventions while maintaining an unfaltering club focus. His output draws as much from Autechre, golden-era Warp and brittle, frenetic electro as it does from classic and contemporary house and techno, early dubstep, noise and experimental electronics. Flatland, his debut album, was released on PAN in 2014 and pushed further into sonic and structural experimentation than his club records were able to, without losing the musicality and physicality that made his singles so compelling. The quality control of his output has been reflected in its critical reception, Flatland for example featuring widely in the 2014 end-of-year album lists, and Ganzfeld (from Hypnagogia) scoring an unlikely #1 in Resident Advisor’s top tracks of 2014.

In parallel, Objekt has built up a reputation as not only a technically skilled but also regularly surprising and well-informed DJ. His sets, while broadly focused on techno, frequently duck and dive between the hypnotic and engrossing, incorporating off-kilter broken beats, breakneck electro, acid, noise, house, EBM and anything else necessary to illustrate his version of events, sometimes taking large jumps in tempo and drawing fully from the last 30 years of recorded electronic music.

Latest Updates

Objekt puts out new mix

Objekt puts out new mix

September 25th, 2015

TJ Hertz’s music as Objekt is constantly in flux, ...

Listen To Dopplereffekt’s “Delta Wave” on Leisure System

Listen To Dopplereffekt's "Delta Wave" on Leisure System

September 29th, 2014

Dopplereffekt's "Delta Wave," taken from the H...

Objekt announces debut album for PAN

Objekt announces debut album for PAN

September 9th, 2014

Excited to announce the release of Objekt’s debut ...

Objekt debuts “Ganzfeld” from forthcoming Leisure System 12″

Objekt debuts "Ganzfeld" from forthcoming Leisure System 12"

August 7th, 2014

FACT Magazine debuts Objekt's "Ganzfeld," take...

New track by Objekt

New track by Objekt

March 27th, 2014

The new VA release from Power Vacuum features a br...

Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

January 27th, 2014

After another great year for our acts in 2013 ...

Objekt releases new 12″

Objekt releases new 12"

October 22nd, 2013

The eagerly awaited # 3 in Objekt 12" series i...

LittleBig @ ADE with Jimmy Edgar, Objekt, Clouds, TR\\ER – Oct19

LittleBig @ ADE with Jimmy Edgar, Objekt, Clouds, TR\ER - Oct19

October 10th, 2013

Littlebig (in cooperation with THESE GUYS) con...

Leisure System BLN 12th April with Alex Smoke, Objekt, Millennium djs.

Leisure System BLN 12th April with Alex Smoke, Objekt, Millennium djs.

March 2nd, 2013

Another cold and dark winter in Berlin comes t...

Objekt drops new record

Objekt drops new record

February 1st, 2013

Objekt drops a new split 12" with Cosmin TRG out o...

Objekt around the world

Objekt around the world

October 2nd, 2012

Relentlessly stomping his way through 2012, TJ...

Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

August 13th, 2012

We're incredibly excited to announce our full line...


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