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Niklas Paschburg

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Niklas Paschburg is only 23 years old – he was born in Hamburg in 1994 – but he knows how to charm and bewitch with melodies and notes; mesmerising sounds and a cinematic atmosphere, intense crescendi and a pop flavour that moves and fascinates.. Following his first EP “Tuur mang Welten”, he is poised to release his debut album ‘Oceanic’ with 7K! on 8th February 2018: a moving trip full of both melancholy and energy; twelve instrumental songs between neo-classical, ambient and electronic music, inspired by nature.
The result is a soundtrack of a landscape with echoes of Bonobo and Kiasmos, on the electronic side, and with Bon Iver as Paschburg’s main pop reference.
Colours and dynamics melt with a nostalgic, sweet, delicate sound and energetic and touching progressions. “There is the calm of the sea, but also its strength”, Paschburg explains. And that’s powerful.

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