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NATE YOUNG (b. 1977, Mansfield, MO) is a​ ​Detroit-based musician working in experimental​ ​electronic sound for over twenty years. 
In 1998,​ ​Young founded legendary noise group Wolf Eyes.
Solo and as Wolf Eyes, Young has toured the​ ​world, released countless records, collaborated​ ​with Anthony Braxton and Marshall Allen, and​ ​inspired a generation of electronic musicians.
Recent accomplishments include performing his​ ​compositions with the BBC Scottish Symphony​ ​Orchestra, and creating Trip Metal Fest, an​ ​annual free experimental music festival in Detroit​ ​that has brought luminaries such as Morton​ ​Subotnick and the Art Ensemble of Chicago to​ ​Detroit. 
In 2016, Young co-created (with John​ ​Olson) the record label Lower Floor Music, an
imprint of Warp Records.​ ​In the Regression series–Regression (2009), Stay​ ​Asleep (2011), Other Days (2012), Blinding​ ​Confusion (2013)–Young drew a compositional
aesthetic from Italian library music and musique​ ​concrète. Since then, Young has been
interpreting the traditional musical methods of​ ​rhythm and melody into complex synthesizer​ ​compositions. These songs were commonly made​ ​as a distraction from grief, seasonal depression,​ ​and isolation. Sometimes severely ridiculous and​ ​unrelenting other times slow, sparse and strange,​ ​this material didn’t fit in with the Regression​ ​series. It was archived and unreleased until now.
Nate Young Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity
will be released February, 2019 on Lower Floor​ Music​

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